All lawyers should be professional, friendly and accessible.

Mounteney Legal Group’s commitments over your normal expectations are:

1.              our explanations are simple, clear and concise

2.              our advice and services are unsurpassed in our sector

3.              our fees are more economic than our local competitors’

4.              our charges are proportionate to the value we produce for clients

5.              in all appropriate instances we quote and adhere to fixed-fee terms

6.              we cause no unreasonable delay in pursuing our clients’ interests

7.              we are readily available during business hours

8.              we adopt a smart approach

9.              we are scrupulously polite

10.           our principles are based on the Christian ethos

Our primary objective is trading to maximise “wealth” through commerce, that we gauge by the following measures (in the order of priority given):

a.              Reasonable contentment of staff and officers

b.             Reasonable contentment of customers

c.              Reasonable contentment of suppliers

d.             Investment in sustainable growth

e.              Maintenance of profitability

f.               Reasonable return on the business’ capital to the providers of that capital

We seek to trade with uttermost business ethics, demonstrating:

i.                  Goodwill towards people

ii.                  Honesty in transactions

iii.                  Fairness in pricing, payment and service

iv.                  Openness in trading, employment and management

We will not:

A.             engage notoriously unethical, immoral or irreligious suppliers or customers – e.g. those known to be involved in human exploitation, those profiting from immoral sexual activity, or those notorious for opposing Christian beliefs

B.             show partiality towards engagement with Christian believers, especially in employment or in client relations

C.             permit Christian believers engaged in our business to undertake faith-activities reasonably discomforting to any non-believers engaged

We will support charities:

I.                  Our Charity Formation product [link to product 35] is particularly suited to the many ministries and groups who wish to establish new charities on a low budget. The Christian ethos of our firm often resonates with such groups. We undertake legal services for a disproportionate number of charities and social enterprises, as a result of which we engage particular expertise in those sectors.

II.                  One of our directors is engaged in the ministry of a local charity, “Stockport Loaves & Fishes” (see ) that mainly supports homeless and disadvantaged people from Stockport and the surrounding area; whom we therefore nominate whenever we are asked for a recommendation of a charity to make donations to.