Amendment to Completed Work


Our products are offered at fixed fee rates to guarantee that you will not get any nasty surprises when instructing us. We will always complete the work to your specification and allow you to check drafts where applicable.

Where the work involves the drafting of a contract, solicitor's letter, loan agreement, trust or tenancy agreement for example, we will follow your brief and send you a final version.

After this, any major changes that amount to us having to change the format of the document, will incur a small additional fee to account for the time consuming task of essentially redoing the fixed fee work.

To avoid this fee please carefully consider the terms that you wish us to include in such 'custom' documents - we will highlight the major ones ahead of time and please feel free to call our offices if you would like any options explained to allow you to give us the full brief at the outset.

Please also draw any material facts to our attention before we complete the work which could cause the format to have to be changed at a later date.